Cruising Alaska: Rushin' Tailor's Quilt Alaska

The final quilt shop on my vacation was Rushin' Tailor's Quilt Alaska in Skagway, AK. The first really neat thing about this shop is it has two locations! The one on Broadway Street is called Changing Threads and the second location is just off Broadway Street on 3rd Ave. and it's called Rushin' Tailor's Quilt Alaska. At first you might think these are two different shops but they are owned by the same person and they talk about their two locations being sister stores on their websites. Both locations are really neat and definitely worth checking out!

Changing Threads

Changing Threads contains a small selection of alaskan quilt fabric, a wonderful wall of over dyed yarn and wool from Alaskan artists, quilt patterns, quilt kits, and lots of neat small items like antler buttons, hand dyed alaskan panels, and needle felting kits. When I first entered this store I notice that it is sharing the location with another retailer. All of the fun craft stuff is on the left side of the store. This space might seem small at first, but there is a lot to look at! I spent quite awhile wandering up and down and I kept finding more and more things to look at and buy. I also met and had a great time talking to the owner of these stores, Trish, at this location.

Rushin' Tailor's Quilt Alaska

Rushin' Tailor's, on 3rd Ave., is very different from Changing Threads. As I walked up to it I immediately saw quilting stuff greeting me from their display window and once I step inside, I was amazed at how much quilting fabric, supplies, and notions were packed into this store. It was actually kinda tricky to take pictures of since there was so many things everywhere! I had a great time looking around and I really love the clever section of Alaskan themed fat quarters and half yards sorted by categories like bears, wolves, whales, eagles, northern lights, etc. and the really great display of panels with a number key so you could find the exact one you want to buy. Also fun, were all the beautiful and inspiring quilts hanging up high!

Check out both locations if you get a chance to go to Skagway, but if you can't, be sure to check out their websites for some online shopping and more pictures! Changing Threads and Rushin' Tailor's Quilt Alaska are great fun in the small town of Skagway, AK!

Moving On...

Well that wraps up my Cruising Alaska series of posts. Hopefully you found some inspiration for your next project or vacation! If you missed any of the eight posts, be sure to check them out and watch for my next fun post!