Cruising Alaska: Ketchikan



We had two nice long days in Ketchikan on this trip. The first day it was pouring rain and the second was overcast but beautiful. I had fun both days because there was so much to see and do.

We spent a lot of time wandering the countless shops looking at all the tourist souvenirs, jewelry, and fun food like flavored popcorn. I also stopping to take pictures of the beautiful flowers and flowering bushes along the way. They seemed to be everywhere!

Creek Street


Wandering off the main strip of shops near the cruise ship docks, we found our way to the historic boardwalk called Creek Street. All the buildings in this area are built on pilings clinging to the hillside over the banks of Ketchikan Creek. This use to be a Red Light District, but now holds totem poles, shops, galleries, restaurants and Dolly's House museum. It's a great place to explore the art and culture for the area. More information and pictures can be found here:

Totem Bight State Park

We also took the local shuttle bus to Totem Bight Park to see their 15 totem poles and community house or clanhouse. Right when you get there, two totem poles greet you at the beginning of your tour. We wanted to keep things casual so we just picked up a self guided tour flyer and wandered the park trails. After a short walk through the tall cedar trees we came to the main area with lots of totem poles and the clanhouse. It was really neat to read about the meaning behind the symbolize on the totem poles. You can learn more about this fascinating place on their website at

Burger Queen


On both stops, we made a point to have lunch at The Burger Queen! A tiny little burger place that makes everything to order! The wait time on average was 45 minutes but it is so worth it. They also have mix and match milk shakes where you can pick your base ice cream (vanilla or chocolate) and then choose from over 40 flavors to add like Bacon, Kalhua, Irish Cream, Strawberries, Bananas, etc.

More Fun

And last, tucked away upstairs in the Salmon Landing Building is a quilt shop called The Silver Thimble that resides in two store spaces! I'll tell you all about it in my next update!

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