Cruising Alaska: Rushin' Tailor's Quilt Alaska

The final quilt shop on my vacation was Rushin' Tailor's Quilt Alaska in Skagway, AK. The first really neat thing about this shop is it has two locations! The one on Broadway Street is called Changing Threads and the second location is just off Broadway Street on 3rd Ave. and it's called Rushin' Tailor's Quilt Alaska. At first you might think these are two different shops but they are owned by the same person and they talk about their two locations being sister stores on their websites. Both locations are really neat and definitely worth checking out!

Changing Threads

Changing Threads contains a small selection of alaskan quilt fabric, a wonderful wall of over dyed yarn and wool from Alaskan artists, quilt patterns, quilt kits, and lots of neat small items like antler buttons, hand dyed alaskan panels, and needle felting kits. When I first entered this store I notice that it is sharing the location with another retailer. All of the fun craft stuff is on the left side of the store. This space might seem small at first, but there is a lot to look at! I spent quite awhile wandering up and down and I kept finding more and more things to look at and buy. I also met and had a great time talking to the owner of these stores, Trish, at this location.

Rushin' Tailor's Quilt Alaska

Rushin' Tailor's, on 3rd Ave., is very different from Changing Threads. As I walked up to it I immediately saw quilting stuff greeting me from their display window and once I step inside, I was amazed at how much quilting fabric, supplies, and notions were packed into this store. It was actually kinda tricky to take pictures of since there was so many things everywhere! I had a great time looking around and I really love the clever section of Alaskan themed fat quarters and half yards sorted by categories like bears, wolves, whales, eagles, northern lights, etc. and the really great display of panels with a number key so you could find the exact one you want to buy. Also fun, were all the beautiful and inspiring quilts hanging up high!

Check out both locations if you get a chance to go to Skagway, but if you can't, be sure to check out their websites for some online shopping and more pictures! Changing Threads and Rushin' Tailor's Quilt Alaska are great fun in the small town of Skagway, AK!

Moving On...

Well that wraps up my Cruising Alaska series of posts. Hopefully you found some inspiration for your next project or vacation! If you missed any of the eight posts, be sure to check them out and watch for my next fun post!

Cruising Alaska: The Silver Thimble

The Silver ThimbleKetchikan Quilt Shop

The Silver Thimble, established in 1984, is the place to visit in Ketchikan, Alaska if you're in need of quilting supplies. It's located on the second floor of the Salmon Landing Market. I easily found it by following all the beautiful quilts hanging from the second story railings. After wandering up the stairs, I was greeted by a large store full of Alaska themed fabric, kits, patterns by local designers, needle work kits and patterns, red work patterns and more, but that's not all. Around the corner is the second half of this great store and it holds all the other types of fabric like batiks, asian prints, flannels, kid prints, and countless others. Over 2,000 bolts were waiting for me to explore. Plus I found books, batting, tools, thread, and Pfaff machines for sale. There's so much to look at it was like visiting two stores!

If you're not needing any supplies, you can definitely find your fill of inspiration by looking at all the quilts hanging up inside and out of both locations. I spent a lot of time admiring them all.

Learning More

After my gleeful shopping, I had a lot of fun talking to employee Winona about the shop and she told me that during the summer the two locations are setup as I've described but in the winter the Alaska shop space becomes their classroom and open sew space. That's right, this shop is open year round! The local guild members, of which there are about 100, will come and sew all day enjoying the close proximity of drinks and food from the vendors in the shopping center.

The Silver Thimble - An Exciting Opportunity

I also had the pleasure of spending some time talking to the owner, Betty Gale, and after running this wonderful shop for 30 years, she's decided to retire and is selling the store! If you or anyone you know is interested in an adventure and an exciting opportunity contact the shop! And if you can't visit in person, definitely check out their website!

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Cruising Alaska: Ketchikan



We had two nice long days in Ketchikan on this trip. The first day it was pouring rain and the second was overcast but beautiful. I had fun both days because there was so much to see and do.

We spent a lot of time wandering the countless shops looking at all the tourist souvenirs, jewelry, and fun food like flavored popcorn. I also stopping to take pictures of the beautiful flowers and flowering bushes along the way. They seemed to be everywhere!

Creek Street


Wandering off the main strip of shops near the cruise ship docks, we found our way to the historic boardwalk called Creek Street. All the buildings in this area are built on pilings clinging to the hillside over the banks of Ketchikan Creek. This use to be a Red Light District, but now holds totem poles, shops, galleries, restaurants and Dolly's House museum. It's a great place to explore the art and culture for the area. More information and pictures can be found here:

Totem Bight State Park

We also took the local shuttle bus to Totem Bight Park to see their 15 totem poles and community house or clanhouse. Right when you get there, two totem poles greet you at the beginning of your tour. We wanted to keep things casual so we just picked up a self guided tour flyer and wandered the park trails. After a short walk through the tall cedar trees we came to the main area with lots of totem poles and the clanhouse. It was really neat to read about the meaning behind the symbolize on the totem poles. You can learn more about this fascinating place on their website at

Burger Queen


On both stops, we made a point to have lunch at The Burger Queen! A tiny little burger place that makes everything to order! The wait time on average was 45 minutes but it is so worth it. They also have mix and match milk shakes where you can pick your base ice cream (vanilla or chocolate) and then choose from over 40 flavors to add like Bacon, Kalhua, Irish Cream, Strawberries, Bananas, etc.

More Fun

And last, tucked away upstairs in the Salmon Landing Building is a quilt shop called The Silver Thimble that resides in two store spaces! I'll tell you all about it in my next update!

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My Craftsy Pattern Shop is Open!

Craftsy Pattern Shop

(*Affiliate Link Post)

Craftsy allows pattern designers to upload and sell their patterns from a personalized pattern shop for free! These are downloadable patterns so you once you buy them, you can instantly download them and get to creating!

Craftsy is a really great company. In addition to taking tons of classes, I love the fabric they offer! The pattern shops are just another great service this company is doing for the art and craft community. Check out the Crafty Cat Studio pattern shop or view the "My Patterns on Craftsy" widget in the right side bar to see what I've got for sale right now.


The patterns up in my shop are the redesigned versions of the patterns I made while working at Sew Many Blocks. They've been updated, refreshed and now rereleased under my new business title Crafty Cat Studio! Right now you'll find four patterns for sale which include:

Fractured Triangle Bag

Fractured Triangle Bag
Fractured Triangle Bag

This pattern has been my top seller! It's a clever bag design that is made with two fat quarters. It's fun to make and a beginner friendly pattern. Make one for yourself or as a gift! My local guild has made and sold these for their fair booth two years in a row so far and they sell out quickly. I love seeing my designs enjoyed by so many people!

Modern Card Holder

Modern Card Holder
Modern Card Holder

A versatile and functional card holder design. Make one to hold your business cards, shopping cards, or coupons.

This pattern was created because I needed a card holder for my business cards. I wanted something compact, it finishes at 4" x 2" folded, and quick to make. I also love it if I can use up scraps on small projects like this so this pattern is very scrap friendly! I also made it compatible with the AccuQuilt GO! fabric cutting system, but the instructions for traditional rotary cutting are included as well.

Tumbling Fun Baby Blanket

Tumbling Fun Baby Blanket
Tumbling Fun Baby Blanket

I needed a baby blanket for a friend's first baby and I love tumblers so this pattern was born. I picked out some really cute baby fabric and set out playing with layouts. This blanket works well in the crib or on the child's first bed. I wanted it to be big enough so it could be used for awhile but also cuddly and easy to clean. I kept the quilting simple and used flannel on the back! The finished size is 43" x 49". This is also an AccuQuilt GO! friendly pattern, but I also include a template for the tumbler shape so you can make it without the special cutting system.

Cats Squared Table Topper

Cats Squared Table Topper
Cats Squared Table Topper

Add a bit of fun to any room with these cute cats adorning your wall or table! Save your furniture from the pet hair or fill it with catnip for a fun toy. Make one for your child to cuddle with. Its small size means you can take it anywhere!

This pattern was a bit of fun I decided to make for my cats. They were needing new blankets and I wanted to make something that was a bit more interesting than the usual square. I started playing with abstract cat shapes and ended up with this fun pattern. I liked it so much when I was done that it ended up on my dining room table as a table topper instead of as the cats' new blanket. I ended up making a few more so my cats could each have one too.

This is also an AccuQuilt GO! friendly pattern and the rotary instructions are included as well.

New Patterns

Now that I'm done with these rereleases, I can get back to my new patterns. I have several new patterns in various stages of completion and I'll let you know when they are ready for you to enjoy! So keep any eye on my blog!

* Crafty Cat Studio is an affiliate of Craftsy. If you click on the provided links and purchasing an item, Crafty Cat Studio will receive an affiliate commission. However, I only recommend products and services I use personally and believe will add value to you, my readers.

Friday Photos - The Summer Colors are Coming

Summer Colors

I love this time of year! Here in Alaska we can't really start planting until after Memorial Day, but this year summer seems to be here early. So I've been visiting the local greenhouses, planning my yard, and just enjoying being out in the sun. After the long dark winter, the long sunny days just make me want to find any excuse to be outside. My camera becomes my constant companion and I store up all the beauty as inspiration for my art quilts. I thought I'd share some of my favorite shots from last year with you for this sunny Friday!

Photo Fun


The daisies are from a packet of wild flowers we sprinkled on one side of our yard. It's always fun to see what comes up and the number of flowers is amazing.


The Gazania was a new plant for me last year. It's an annual but it put on such a show. I got this beauty from our local Matsu Master Gardeners' Plant Sale. Love the annual Plant Sale. I always find great plants there.

orange lilies
orange lilies

My orange lilies come up every year and are always so bright and pretty. They don't have a strong smell but they make up for it in color.

purple pansy and alyssum
purple pansy and alyssum

My pansies are cross breeding and getting more intricate with each passing year. Can't wait to see what comes up this year. The small purple flowers are alyssum. Love how delicate these flowers are and great for keeping the bugs away.

black eyed susan
black eyed susan

My black eyed susans come up every year and get to about 4' tall! Love how the light hits the flowers in the early morning.

wesley in my begonia
wesley in my begonia

And last, never forget to care for your potted cats! Wesley loves to sleep in my angel wing begonia in the studio. I figure at least he's sitting still and the plant doesn't seem to mind.

What's the summer colors like in your area? I can't wait to see what comes up in my garden this year!